At times, the demands of expressing myself on social media can be draining (mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. So with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I’ve learned one of the best strategies to get back centered. Get back centered is to get peace of mind. To be freed from the opinions of others. To not worry about tomorrow. Or to not be concerned about yesterday. This strategy is to ‘unplug mentally, spiritually, emotionally from things, people, ideas that I’m currently giving power to over my life.’ And when I began to ‘unplug myself’ from social media late last year, it was a shock to my system. Part of my system had drastically evolved into the habit of putting pressure on myself to try to meet the demands of trying to motivate and inspire ‘Everyone Every Day.’

And one day, the spirit of God said to me, “that season (of trying to motivate and inspire people daily) is over for you. I have greater things for you to do in order to impact those in need of daily motivation and inspiration. That greater work has to do with our contradictions of who we are in the workplace and who we are at home. But before I can get you there, I must do a greater work in you. You’ve done well with what I’ve called to do you to but there is greater work to be done. And I need you to unplug yourself from social media to regain power and control over your time. And where you’re putting your focus and energy. But more importantly, unplug to be sure that your work is releasing you from the pressure and expectations of others.”

This truth freed me from so many things that I can’t even explain right now. But I’m sharing this with the hope of helping someone. So the moral of the story, take some time to consistently ‘unplug from social media’. Seek a higher spiritual power and a greater understanding of why you are here. And where you should invest your time, your mental energy and your desires.

So when you see me posting about my speaking events, and who I’m working with or where I’m traveling, I’m only sharing to encourage people to find something they’re willing to pour their life into. I’m only sharing with the hope of inspiring someone to find something that they’re willing to sacrifice their life to meet a need. I only share because there are people who only believe by seeing and they’re suppose to be doing it (speaking) as well. That’s why I do what I do. So take some time to unplug to get power, then do what you love and love what you do!-Dr. Jones

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