Can you remember the last major decision you made in life that turn you from failure to success? Or better yet, what about the last decision you made that seemed to lead to failure? My goal in asking those questions is not for you to experience that emotional rollercoaster all over again. My purpose in asking those questions was to remind you of the capacity that you have to change and grow. Sometimes we forget or we just don’t think that we have the ability to change to get our desired results.  

Here are 5 reasons for the need to change:


Proverbs remind us that the way of a fool is right in his own eyes but a wise man listens to advice. I’ve learned that I would rather lose my pride in order to love people. Getting ride of pride is a life changing decision.


Laziness is that expression that convinces you to quit before you actually get tired of working towards the things you desire.  Or better yet, we constantly repeat to ourselves that ‘it’s too hard to change.’ Laziness just helps you to find a reason why you should not change. The best way to overcome laziness is to focus on the value of what you’re trying to accomplish.


Fredrick Douglas said the thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion. So my question, what is causing your rebellion to change? I was rebelling change because I didn’t understand the purpose of change. And the reason why I didn’t understand the purpose is because I was comfortable with my small lot in life. When I realized that there was more in life, that’s when I decided to change.


You don’t know what you don’t until you ask the questions that you need to ask.  My life changed when I began to change my thoughts. And as a result, the right questions came from the right thoughts.


This is probably the only thing that we must constantly address in every interaction in life. I believe that FEAR is false expectation appearing real. My fearful statement was ‘I’m afraid to change.’ Why? Because I didn’t know who I would become if I changed. And I finally realized that I had the power from within to create the person that I wanted to become. And guess what, you have the same power.  

So as I bring this newsletter/blog to a close, think about all the turning points in your life. And let’s be reminded that if I can change/grow to become who I am, surely you can do the same. 

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