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Turning Points to Success for 2020 and beyond

Can you remember the last major decision you made in life that turn you from failure to success? Or better yet, what about the last decision you made that seemed to lead to failure? My goal in asking those questions is not for you to experience that emotional rollercoaster all over again. My purpose in […]

2020 Vision: A New View, A New Vision

Would you like to have a great job that made you rich but at the cost of having no friends? Zacchaeus probably felt this way as the chief tax collector for the Roman government, as described in Luke 19:1-10. Zacchaeus’s flaw was not having friends but how he became rich. He was taxing the people more […]

2020 Vision: Build on faith, not frustration

Well, the year 2020 has finally arrived. And with a new year comes new experiences, new expectations and for some, new year resolutions or promises to improve in a certain area of one’s life. But as the seconds turn to minutes; the minutes turn to hours; the hours turn to days; and the days turn […]