Well, the year 2020 has finally arrived. And with a new year comes new experiences, new expectations and for some, new year resolutions or promises to improve in a certain area of one’s life. But as the seconds turn to minutes; the minutes turn to hours; the hours turn to days; and the days turn to weeks; we seem to forget about all things we said we want to accomplish in the new year which eventually turns into frustration.  So in order to keep the main thing the main thing, it would be wise to answer the following question to help you sustain your efforts this year. Are you building on Faith or on Frustration?

The story of Noah’s ark in the Bible is a perfect example. Of course, God gave Noah specific instructions to build an ark because of a couple of things. First, God was sending the great flood to destroy all flesh on earth. Second, God wanted to create a new covenant with Noah, his family and all living creatures. Here are a few lessons from Noah’s story that will help us have a 2020 vision to build on faith, not frustration this new year:

Plan ahead and follow the instructions: When Noah started his building project, it wasn’t raining.  The best time to fix a leak in the ceiling is when the sun is shining. So plan head, write it down and follow the instructions.

Don’t miss your boat: If God puts a desire in your heart, do it now. Don’t take a survey of what the world thinks about it. Are you waiting for the perfect time? The perfect season? The perfect situation? It’s here and now. It’s called ‘You’re alive.’ You’ll never be more alive than now. Do it now!

Speed is not always an advantage. The snail and the cheetah may have gotten on Noah’s ark at different times but the point is, both of them made it. Don’t be dismayed if others seem to be more successful than you are right now. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Keep working on building that ‘thing that God told you to do’. Real success is progress!!!

Stop paying so much attention to your critics as you build your boat (that thing God put in your heart to do).  The words that critics’ use is only an indication of who they are and not the person they maybe critical of. When you give critics your attention, it only keeps you from working on your boat. And more importantly, don’t be so critical of yourself. If God put the desire in your heart to complete the given task, then that means that he (God) believes you’re able to get it done!

The contents on your boat always matter. Noah had two of each kind of living creatures on the ark. This is what I recommend that we have on our boat: faith and hope; love and compassion; sincerity and truth; determination and confidence; humility and peace.

So in 2020, build on the hopes, dreams and aspirations that God has placed in you.  And like Noah, you’ll never know how many lives you might save by building your ark with your 2020 Vision. 

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