The Man I Never Knew:
How Leadership Can Be Developed by Faith, Family And Friends

This book is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the life of Samuel L. Jones, a native of the Mississippi Delta. The Man I Never Knew is a true story of how a boy learned to become a man because of the influence of several very important people in his life. The book was written to explore the leadership skills that lie within each of us and to share some simple life experiences so that others may be encouraged and inspired by their own personal experiences.

Even though many professionals give presentations about their life stories or their leadership experiences, they are often asked to consider their disappointments in life and to reflect on what matters most to them. And while they view these experiences, audiences can't help but ask themselves the same question: "What experiences would I share with others if I had to meet someone I never knew?" A better question might be, "Would I want to meet myself if I were introduced to the person I truly am?" Samuel L. Jones shares his life experiences to do just that in The Man I Never Knew. He reflects on his disappointments, weighs them against his achievements, and then comes to realize what he values most. The Man I Never Knew will give you an introduction to the person Samuel L. Jones truly is and why.

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This book is an incredible testimony of a young man's life. While reading, I laughed, cried, and reflected on my own life. This book is a great read with beautiful stories and wonderful life lessons. I highly recommend it.

Rochelle Dahmer
Hattiesburg, MS

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